About PhoenixStudio

PhoenixStudio is not really a new app, as may be obvious from the UI design.

I originally wrote PhoenixStudio for PocketPC / Windows Mobile, inspired by Propellerhead's ReBirth, back in 2001-2003. It simulates three subtractive 303-sound-alike synthesizers and one drum machine.

I sold a few hundred copies - at a today unimaginable price!

PhoenixStudio has now been ported to Android, and an iOS version is coming, first to iPad and maybe later on iPhone. They will appear on the front page as they are available.

If you're one of the few remaining souls still using a PocketPC PDA or a Windows Mobile 4 phone with the right size screen, feel free to download the original version and play around. If it asks you for a key, try 22778, 53602, 25428. Hopefull one will work, if not contact me at hrydgard@gmail.com.